Together we will give your revenue, customer loyalty, services and eventually your profits a major push. We will take care of:

  • Customer support
  • Marketing
  • Hardware
  • Technology
  • Promotion materials
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Installation

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Make washing your car comfortable with Kentekenwassen.
CWM Service introduces this highly customer friendly system, which will see your revenue and profits skyrocket.
A Carwash share in your business can contribute to a larger, returning customer base.

Scan & Go

Scan & Go for carwash and washing boxes.
CWM Service allows you to attract a loyal customer base with their own washing pass and ease of use for your customers with contactless payment. We even have a prepaid and postpaid system available. Simple topping up is one of the many advantages.


Hardware as an indispensable working force for the software.
CMW Service offers the means to make car washing a lot more customer friendly with digital intelligence.

This means the hardware has to be reliable, wear-resistant, and easy to approach. These are exactly the qualities our hardware complies with.


Marketing, a binding agent for collaboration.
Success is enforced by an optimal collaboration between the carwash entrepreneur and CWM Service. Besides delivering these customer friendly systems, we also offer complete support in attracting customers and keeping them loyal with physical and digital promotions.

CMW Service delivers all tools to give your profits from a carwash, a washing lane or washing boxes a big boost

CWM is short for Car-Wash-Marketing. Our business is located in Scheveningen and a few years ago we created a digital platform called Kentekenwassen. This is the base from which we’ve rolled out a unique marketing concept in collaboration with the owners of all the mentioned carwash installations. However, Kentekenwassen is also there for your customers and forms the core of all three parties involved: the carwash owners, the customers and CWM Service. Our marketing concept comprises the following:

  • we deliver the specific tools in exchange for a one-off limited investment
  • we take care of national and local marketing
  • we develop free publicity
  • it is extremely customer-oriented, it enhances customer loyalty and it brings in extra profit
  • customers can take advantage of a user-friendly way of paying and they can comfortably use your services

The car license plate of customers who would like to wash their car is key

CWM Service puts customer comfort at the core of its business. All of our systems are based on this. Our second goal is to truly connect the customer to the business. The best way to do this is digitally. Not in a way that scares people off, but to use it smartly, for instance with license plate recognition, a special washing pass and monthly overviews. This gives you more grip on your own customer base, which has generally remained anonymous up to this point. On the following pages, we are happy to explain how our ‘profit enhancers’ work. Would you like to make an appointment or receive more information now or later on the website? Simply click the button for a quick reaction.


The Kentekenwassen kit consists of a number of parts by which the license plate recognition is made possible. Except the software these are the connections, the camera pole (view image) and the built-in recognition camera All of this for the V.I.P. status of the subscrition holders.


CWM Service supports de Carwash entrepremeur with professional marketing to promote his attractive new service in his service area, CWM Service has the know-how en supplies posters, flyers, banners, websites and support.

Press publications

If there is no awarness by the press, we will find the press and create awareness through editorial articles on local and nationwide level. Beside the CWM Service publications we can deliver information for the regional press.


For those entrepreneurs that lack ownership of a website, we can develop one so this medium can become a new promotional tool. In case a website is already operational we can deliver a subsite to promote the new carwash developments.